You’re new here

Hi! Thank you for reading. I was a little hesitant to initially start this post, just because “Everrrryone has a blog” (and I would also have to keep writing, so the commitment thing) but then I got thinking about what’s missing from everyone else’s websites. I looked at the blog world and thought about what I personally would love to see. If someone on Instagram tells me to go read their blog (“Link in bio”), I typically do it. I can sit here and act like I’m super busy and important, but I have free time just like everyone else.

I know that millennials could potentially be into the same things, which is really interesting to me. But as vast as the internet is, it can be difficult to actually find the “cool” things. I don’t know what you like, who you are, where you stand on certain topics. But I do know that I love to consume content. Films, music, books, podcasts. Here’s my take on what I’ve found and enjoy.

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