My take on the millennial pink you’ve probably seen once or twice on your Insta feed

I’ll be honest with you, since the beginning of time, I haven’t been super “into” makeup/skincare/beauty. My morning skincare and makeup routines consist of very little effort. I come from a family that is known for being at least 15 minutes late everywhere, no matter what. So that hasn’t really left a ton of time for getting ready in the mornings (or maybe that’s why we’re so late? Mom??? Looking at you). Around a year ago, I was on Facebook for my weekly once-over. I saw this ad from BuzzFeed about a skincare brand called Glossier. The author described the brand with such detail, that I couldn’t wait to go and visit their website to see what she was talking about. Short story long, Glossier was founded in 2014 by girl boss Emily Weiss. She is smart, funny, beautiful…she embodies all the nice adjectives I could possibly use. She started a beauty blog called Into The Gloss and formed Glossier through that. What grabbed my attention was that every time she wanted to create a new product, like a facial cleanser, she posed the question on Into The Gloss about what everyone’s perfect cleanser would be like. She scrubbed through all of the comments and formulated what is now one of Glossier’s best products, the Milky Jelly Cleanser.

Source: Glossier

Glossier originally started selling their handful of products through Instagram before launching their own website. How millennial and cool is that? Honestly…I wish I would’ve known about the brand sooner, so I could label myself an early follower instead of a late bloomer.

After I read the BuzzFeed article, I went over to their website and was immediately sucked in. Their signature color is a warm, light pink dubbed “Glossier pink.” It might easily be one of my favorite colors. Their makeup and skincare terms also didn’t confuse me! Finally! It is such an inviting website for beauty beginners and experienced connoisseurs alike. Their products are considered universal staples that you don’t need any special brushes to apply. Every single product can be applied with your fingers, something that spoke to my soul since the very first day I found out about them.

Because I love to review, analyze and critique things, I also love to read other’s opinions. I found their Twitter (they are @Glossier everywhere), scoped out other blogger’s reviews, and even watched some YouTube videos on impressions of the products before pulling the trigger. When I finally did, I purchased the Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom in original, and Boy Brow in brown. My next order, just a mere two weeks later, included Milky Jelly Cleanser and Perfecting Skin Tint in medium. 

Out of all their products that I have owned, my every day, ride or dies are the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Boy Brow, and Balm Dotcom (Birthday Cake is unbelievable). I feel so fresh, dewy, and genuinely myself when I wear any of their products. I couldn’t ask for much more. PSA: Just a few days ago, they announced something brand new! It’s called Wowder, and it’s a powder that blurs your pores and sets your makeup beautifully (or so I’ve heard). I’ll have a more detailed review once mine arrives!

If you’re interested in anything from Glossier, you can use my link to get 10% off your first purchase! I know it’s not much, and their products won’t break your bank regardless, but money is money.

Source: Glossier

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