November 2017: What I’m Listening To

King Krule — The OOZ

I saw Tyler, the Creator live last week and he’s been a fan of King Krule ever since I’ve been a fan. Our KK journeys have grown together. He released an album under his real name, Archy Marshall, in 2015, but this is his latest (and quite arguably his greatest).

Sabrina Claudio — About Time

Sabrina was introduced to me via an old coworker who has great taste in music, and I couldn’t be happier. Her voice is so calming, soothing, and everything in between.

Dagny — Ultraviolet

Dagny opened for LANY when I saw them a few weeks go, and it was the first time I had ever heard of her. Some people hate listening to a band for the first time live, but it was amazing and now I’m a huge fan of her work. This EP is great for dancing in the car or to play at a house party.

Bailey Baum — EZ

When I listen to this song, I envision myself driving through the mountains in the fall in a convertible. That’s this song.

Hippo Campus — Landmark

If it’s not your thing, I get it. Move on. But the great part of loving so many different types/vibes/genres of music is that I love a little bit of everything. This pop-ey, alternative, indie group showed up in the suggested section on YouTube and I’ve been “in like” ever since.

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