What’s going on?

Hey, hi, how are you doing? To say that there have been a multitude of huge changes in my life in the past month or so would be an understatement.

The one thing I want to touch on is how important relationships are. Not any type of specific relationship, but the relationships with the human beings that are around you. I tend to conform to the people that I spend my time with. The whole “You are who you hang out with” saying is exactly what my relationships tend to look like.

My goal in the next few years of my adolescent life is to figure out who I am, apart from everyone else. Apart from relationships with friends, with men, and with family. But the problem is, how does one go about finding themselves? Is there a book that I’m supposed to buy on Amazon, lock myself in my bedroom for a few years, and come out a completely different, genuine human being? If humans didn’t pull parts of themselves from their relationships and surroundings, how did they ever grow into who they are in the first place?

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