What’s been happening in the film industry lately

Just because there are a few film producers/editors and comedians in the world who have done bad things, doesn’t mean that there aren’t men (and women!) out there doing bad things every day. Just because some of those women “got permission” from Louis C.K. to pull out his penis and masturbate in front of them, doesn’t mean that that permission wasn’t forced. Just because Kevin Spacey admitted to liking men, doesn’t mean that his preying on a 14-year-old boy is warranted or okay. Just because you go to a concert and some guy hits on you, doesn’t mean he thinks you’re special and his next girlfriend and wants to plan your wedding out.

As women, we need to realize that we are intelligent, funny, capable human beings without the affirmation of men. I’ve been trying to hit this home lately with my younger sister. I made so many mistakes in my past because I believed a boy when he told me I was pretty and special. I am, and she is, and every woman is, but the boys that told me that didn’t mean it. When they mean it, you’ll know. The right man will make sure of that.

It’s ironic, because certain family members have expressed their sadness over what Louis has done, voicing that they wished it hadn’t happened but they want the world to get over it because “He’s a funny guy who needs to return to doing what he does best.” Just because some guy has done horrible, awful things, you think it is warranted? For your entertainment and pleasure? No. I’m sorry that your perception of your “favorite comedian ever” is now ruined, but it deserves to be. I am hoping that his career is over, and you should as well. Men like that do not deserve a seat at our table.

Dear Louis, Harvey, Kevin, Casey, Woody, Donald, Jeff, Chris, John, Ed and all of the others: You should be ashamed of yourself. It was not and will never be okay. Ever.

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